Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Wedding was a BLAST!

Sorry ladies, but Bob is officially a taken man as of last night! Amy looked gorgeous, and Bob did a great job staying cool and casual. Definitely the event of the summer in the Gorge. The Ultronz, plenty of Busch Light beer, and old classic faces from the Gorge. It was awesome!


Here are some well wishes from Stu Hill at Iwindsurf:

Corridor back down to Stevenson to see a PM bump as weak frontal wave approaches late in the day.

The heating is there, whether the approaching weak front is quick enough to hit the Coast before dark remains the question. With Windfest in full effect down at the HR Event Site again today, obviously we want this 1st shortwave pulse to arrive sooner rather than later. The more cool marine air that can be drawn inland over the western valleys, the more westerly flow we'll find ourselves enjoying this PM.

• Focus once again (assuming you want the most wind) will be from Viento eastward past Wells and thru to Bingen. Stevenson / Cascade Locks to the Narrows could also easily match Corridor speeds and may even surge stronger if the pulse slows down coming over the Cascades as is common.

• Coast saw a brief flurry of NW flow SAT but that'll be shut down as winds weaken and back to the SW. Passing wave that affords the Gorge some PM action to blame here but still looking at a pretty decent day overall along the beaches w/ some patchy clouds here / there.

A big congratulations goes out to Pink Car Bob and his new lovely wife Amy who tied the knot and began sailing off into the sunset from the Bingen Point yesterday eve in front of hundreds of friends.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Today is the BIG DAY!!!!!!

Do I hear wedding bells ringing this morning?

Bob we all can't wait for tonight, and to hold up a cold one in honor of you and Amy getting hitched!

See you at Bingen Marina!!!!


Monday, June 18, 2007

How many nicknames does this guy have?

Photo Courtesy: Foley

OK, Bob must have more nicknames than anyone else in the Gorge! Here are a few that come to mind,
  • Pink Car
  • Barley Bob
  • Bob Noxious
  • Pinky
  • ??? Anymore out there ?? (Scotty Freeman, help us out!)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Welcome to Pink Car's Blog!

OK, Pink Car is a living legend in the Gorge, so why not give him and Amy a place to showcase all of their great photo's and stories!

Welcome and feel free to contribute any pics to Matt Melby, or Monique Anderson!